Thursday, July 30, 2015

July, 1865

Eli has been serving in Alabama waiting for orders to go home. My July block is a variation of the Alabama block.  This version is easier to piece in the 8 inch size I've been using.

Our sun is so bright today the colors are washed out in my photo.

The next letter from Eli to Calvin was sent from Montgomery Alabama on June 11th, but my entry last month was long so I postponed telling this part of his story. In reference to a report Calvin gave him that oil has been struck in nearby North Vernon, Eli writes, "I should not be surprised for the paper stated the other day that their well had caught afire and was about to burn this whole Country up. Think there is any danger of burning my big plantation up there at Hardenburg? If there is I will try and sell out."  He then goes on to a new topic:  "... as I told you before I was on picket night before last and after night we had to patrol the Country to pick up the boys out there that was out stealing chickens. So one of the other Corp and I took 3 men and went out where some market wagons had stoped for the night, and lo and behold divil a soldier did we find there -- but I saw the best looking girl that I have seen since I have been in rebeldom. I tell you what I just fell in love with her but pshaw what good did that do me, I have not saw her since nor never expect to see her again."  He tells Calvin to stop teasing him about some unnamed woman back home, and later tells Calvin to find a good looking young lady and intercede for him.  Eli does not believe he'll make it home by July 4th, but it should not be long after that.  The men are still drilling as usual. 

On July 7th, Eli answers two letters from Calvin, complaining of how hot it is. They are getting honey for 15 to 30 cents per pound and he's eating all the peaches and apples he wants every day. He has to go off on Parade so takes up the pen again on the 8th. Evidently he's had some success meeting women on his own, because he writes, "... I wish you were here next saturday to spend a week with me we would go out in the Country and have a big time with some girls that I have got acquainted with, if nothing happens and I can get permission to leave camp I am going out to see them, wouldn't you laugh if I should fetch one of them home with me, ha, ha, ha." Calvin's letter must have suggested the name of some young lady they both know Eli seems to be interested in.  Both young men are 19 years old at this time.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Knitted Lace

My grandmothers and great grandmothers left us a lot of crocheted and tatted lace.  I've found I enjoy knitting lace, done with a slightly thicker thread and needles.

Lace doesn't make a practical sweater, just a pretty one.  Here I'm displaying the border, the way the shawl knitters do it.

I had Norris take photos when I was wearing sweat pants and a tank - if I wore a sweater like this around the house, I'd pull the threads and make holes in no time. I can't even walk out the door without snagging my purse strap on the handle some days.

I think it will be nice over a dark dress to wear to some fancy occasion. The yarn is a subtle variegated tencel in shades of aqua and off white.