Sunday, July 29, 2012

Christmas in July

I started a new quilt a couple of days ago.  Norris saw the block on the right and immediately recognized this was a Christmas quilt.  It will be a medium sized wall quilt for our dining room.

The block is one from the Civil War block of the Week series, Right Hand of Friendship, which was week 43, late October last year.  When I made the block for Roger and Laurie's quilt, I commented it would make a great scrappy quilt.  So I'm making a scrappy quilt with it now, though I'm going to use the same background swirly green and white print for all 9 star blocks to unify them. And I'm making it at 9 inches so the cutting math is far more standard than when we made all the blocks at 8 inches for that series.

I have a plan to use a block I've never made before for the alternates in my on-point setting.     Accidentally and on purpose, I managed to collect a lot of these themed prints over the years I've been quilting.  I made one quilt probably 10 years ago that is too simple a design for my current taste and abilities. And then, while working on these stars, I chose several prints from my collection that are not "Christmas" prints - so it's not going to make much room in the fabric drawer for anything new. I'll still have enough Christmas prints when I'm done to make a king sized quilt I think.

The Christmas fabrics obviously have some aging on them.  The current Christmas prints all seem to use a yellow green that I'm not crazy about.  I prefer my muted blue-greens and sage greens so it's just as well I bought them when I did.


Sherrye said...

I can't even get through "book characters" yet, so Christmas quilts, usually thought of at this time of year, won't be forthcoming this year.

I like this design, and remember when you did it for the Civil War quilt.

I am especially drawn to your unifying fabric choice.

Dorry said...

A new project is always energising. Is each fabric going to appear only in one block? I wish you much (Christmas)joy in making this and emptying the drawer just a little. The stars are looking lovely.