Thursday, January 10, 2013


When I was still working, I pretty much stuck to one quilt project at a time.  I can't say that these days.  Here's my design wall today.

Across the top is my Grandmother's Choice  with the smaller Dixie Diaries block just stuck up there.  The blue and white columns are for four small quilts, and the red and tan squares off to the lower right are my share of the piecing for the next Shindig Raffle quilt.  Add to that:  the design wall doesn't contain anything of the Round Robin I'm working on. I've put almost as much time into that this week as these other four projects.  I had the parts for that one up on the wall, but had to take it down to make room for the blue and white quilts. But I'm not sewing anything on the Round Robin yet. 

I have a lot more space to organize these projects in this house - perhaps that is why I am enjoying them all so much.

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Sherrye said...

I am quilting on only one, while three wait in line. That's enough for me....not a very good multi-tasker!! You must be busy every minute of the day!! The "Grandmother's" is the one I am intrigued by!! They'll ALL be wonderful when you finish with them because of your work!!