Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A few Last Words and Pictures from Atlanta

We decided to stop for lunch on our way into Atlanta on Thursday. Judi the Navigator and intrepid Smart-Phone User started down a list of cuisines.  We stopped her on Chinese because if there is a really good Chinese restaurant in our area, none of us knows about it.  What we also didn't know was that Duluth, where we found ourselves, is a known foodie-haven. Lucky for us!

Judi's searches led her to a recommendation for Golden House and she got us there easily. The entry way was promising....

...but we were not prepared for the beautiful dining area. The chairs seem to be decked out for a party, and look at that ceiling!  Golden House serves dim sum on weekdays so that's what we had.

Susie, Judi, Cindy
We seemed to be the only anglo-customers, but the staff was really helpful and pleasant, steering us away from the chicken feet and to the dishes we would like. We thoroughly enjoyed a plate of snow pea greens, something none of us had ever tried. I took this photo of one of our servers - notice the stage in the background.

Golden House in Duluth is most definitely on the list for a visit on a return trip.

On Friday after our visit to re:loom, we thought it would be appropriate for a group of knitters to visit a yarn shop. Judi again had a list - we picked the one in Decatur for two reasons.

The first reason was who wouldn't love the name Sheepish for a yarn shop?

The store was no longer at the location on the list we'd seen, but was only about two blocks away. The owners are working with the local animal shelter and had cute little foster kittens and their mom, as well as a shop cat, so that was fun to talk about.

The other reason for visiting Sheepish was that its Decature location coincided with this shop - 

Hard to read the name in my photo, but it's Wild Oats and Billy Goats, a folk art gallery that carries the re:loom rugs - among other treasures. Decorating the sidewalk are a great example - those are yard sculptures - pigs and totem poles - made from propane tanks.

Altogether our trip was a big success  - we'd all do it again!

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Anna Banana said...

Good food, friends, and visits to places that pique your creative juices... It doesn't get any better than that!