Saturday, January 4, 2014

First Hat - knitted

I have made a hat before, but it was for a Halloween costume for a Princess and was not knitted. So this is the first hat I've knitted.

It was strange for me, after knitting so many sweaters, to have a project come off the needles in less than a week. 

I bought the yarn in Georgia on that recent trip and had only one skein - and ran a little short - the hat should have been a little longer, more ribbing turned up. But in this dark color it's hard to even see the design and it will probably work o.k. for Norris.

He wouldn't let me use any bright colors, but maybe with the next one, I can find a lighter shade of  blue or gray so my work will show up without needing brilliant sunshine.


Alice said...

Ambitious pattern for a first hat! Lovely. It looks like a good fit and your timing couldn't be better.

Alice said...
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Sherrye said...

You did a good job!! Next, try socks....UGH. I made one and a friend finished the other one for me (I made her a quilt). Never again!!