Monday, March 17, 2014

WWI Block of the Month - Block Three: Dog Tooth Violet

The story and photos that went with the block this month were interesting, but I missed the connection between the Dog Tooth Violet block and the soldier's experience.  Perhaps these blocks were chosen merely for their patriotic flair.

I have not made this block before, but it is a pretty one. The wreath is intended to overlap the piecing, and I'm getting used to that. I put the block together yesterday, but didn't even get a start on the applique, even though all the pieces were ready to fuse and stitch.  I have found that glue-basting the stem is the best way to hold it in place for the machine applique. The fusible I was working with does not hold.


Anna Banana said...

Nice to know there are blocks you've never made before! This iIS a pretty one and it's name suggests a spring wildflower we may be lucky enough to see along the BRP soon. :-)

Dorry said...

Your block looks lovely. Do you know of any other name for it? Like you, I am also wondering how the block name fits with the story for this month.