Tuesday, July 22, 2014

On Stage at the Shindig

All three of the Mountain Jam Circle members were at the Shindig on the 12th of July so the organizers let us get up on stage to show it off - Norris' camera changed the aqua/teal blues but it still makes a graphic impact on the stage.

The Folk Heritage Committee also invited us to have a "sponsor banner" - but gave us about 2-3 days to submit our design.  We quickly threw a logo together, without really realizing what the size they offered would look like from any distance -

Yeah, I know, you're not even sure where to look.  Here's some help -

Clever Alice came up with the "Stitching traditions together" that is absolutely perfect.  Well, if we do this again, we'll make the letters much larger and not concentrate on our beautiful quilt design so much!

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Anna Banana said...

I forgot all about doing a blog posting of this, Cheryl. I might have to steal your idea!