Sunday, August 10, 2014

Three blocks for the Austen Family Album

I was working on the Birthday Banner for the couple of weeks before my Dad's 90th Birthday party, and got behind on this set of blocks.  Finally got two of them finished yesterday in time for today's installment.  Here they are - Water Wheel

Indian Star

and Cross Patch

My readers have asked if I know how I'm going to set this sampler:  no!  I had the collection of periwinkle fabrics for a scrappy Ocean Waves quilt and knew most of the pieces were too large to use up in that quilt, so I decided to make this one so I could have fun playing with the prints in different way.  (For the Ocean Waves, I'm not doing any of the fussy cutting I sometimes do with these blocks although some of my fabrics lend themselves to it beautifully.)  I'll figure the setting for this quilt out when we get closer to completing the series.

Another comment mentioned my lower level of enthusiasm with this set of blocks: I am enjoying making the blocks, but the stories behind the particular selection from week to week are not very interesting to me.  I've read some Jane Austen books because they were there, but I'm not a big fan, and although our leader, Barbara Brackman has done her usual research and has delightful illustrations to accompany the stories, the family relations themselves are not nearly as compelling as the stories she has told from the Civil War or the fight for equal rights for women.


ancquilter said...

Love the fabrics in the middle one!! All are pretty, of course, but the middle one is especially appealing.

Dorry said...

My favorite of this bunch is the first one - the colors are eye catching and seem particularly appropriate for a block named waterwheel.

Anna Banana said...

Since you got comments on one and two, I thought I would comment on the third block. I love the striated blue fabric that forms the cross. It reminds me of muscle fibers holding the block together. And I also like the darker gold, almost cheddary, fabric which I think will be a nice contrast to the softer yellows in some of the other blocks.