Monday, May 4, 2015

Yoga socks

I was too sick to go to yoga class today, so I finished this pair of stirrup socks I hope will allow me to use my toes as directed, and stay warm.

I had fun with our new camera taking "selfie" photos of the sock.  Norris tells me there's an ap I could get that would allow me to remotely release the shutter. I'm still learning.  The bright colors in the above shot are closer to that of the yarn.  Don't know why these make it look so dull. The yarn has white, tan, bright turquoise and periwinkle in it.

I never thought I'd be knitting socks - I would not wear such colorful socks outside of a yoga setting, and besides, I like to go around in stocking feet.  Why would I hand knit something I'm going to abuse like that? Lastly, my feet are sensitive. I vastly prefer finer gauge commercial socks.

But if these open toe/open heel socks keep my feet warm in the studio, I could see making another pair of wool socks for class, if I stick with yoga practice. Appreciation of yoga has not been easy for me. 


Vicki W said...

They are really cute! I hope they work for you but if not look online for Toesox. They are designed for yoga with non slip dots on the bottom. I actually wear them all winter with sandals (only around the house). My feet sweat something awful and socks with sandals was the best solution for me.

ancquilter said...

ONE yoga class. 'Nuff said. Gave the mat away.

Anna Banana said...

Well, they are cute!

Diane said...

Here's to warm feet, and stretched toes! They look cute.

Adams Young said...

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