Saturday, January 23, 2016

Breaking things up....

House-bound in the snow (which has not been as big a deal for us as predicted) I just noticed I haven't posted any quilting projects in some time.  I made one for a gallery show curated by my friend Dorry that is going on right now.  The small quilts were to hang as a group, representing the artists whose work was hanging in the show.  Here is my entry, called Green Weaves

Dorry asked each of us to make a relatively long, skinny quilt mostly in pale neutrals, with green as an accent used in small doses.  My quilt was 9.5x45 before I quilted and faced it.  I used the gradient dyed green from Vicki Welsh on my paper-pieced project. My friend Ellen let me use strips of her gray fabrics so I had a wide variety of color and texture in the limited palette.

The quilting is done in threads that also shade light to dark, top to bottom, and are curved in a design loosely based on the topographic lines of the mountain above our house.

 You can see photos of how Dorry put the entries together in the gallery exhibit in her post - Threads at the Exhibit
Click on the link for the next older post at the bottom of that one to see more of the quilt show, Threaded with Green at ArtSpace Herndon.  A couple of my Seasons challenge quilts made over the last year show up so you can see what other quilters did with the same vintage quilt blocks I had. (click on the "challenge" label associated with this post and you'll see all four of those I did.)

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Anna Banana said...

As usual, nice work, Cheryl. I love how the green darkens as it travels down the piece, and the simple topographic line quilting looks really nice. I also loved seeing it displayed with the others. Interesting, isn't it, how people interpret simple parameters so differently.