Saturday, May 28, 2016

Westering Women - Block 5 The Platte River

This was a straightforward block to piece, but the large center stumped me. Most of the prints I am drawing from are on too small a scale to be suitable for this 6 inch center.  I decided this print will do, though it's a little dark to play the center role for my taste.

Although it appears I cropped off too much of the right edge of my block, I like the effect of my fabric choices better seeing the photo of the block than I thought I would while I assembled the 49 pieces.  Yes, most people would use strip piecing, but I'm using scraps and don't have long strips to cut.  And even if that weren't the case, counterintuitively, I find my piecing is far more accurate when I don't strip piece. It's too easy for me to stretch one fabric while I sew or press, or let the one underneath slide away from the needle a little.  So I cut each piece to size, and stitched them together one by one.


Dorry said...

Very beautifully put together with lovely fabric combinations. You won't be the only one challenged by that big center piece.

Denniele said...

Beautiful block and I pieced it exactly like you did. I love to piece!!

Anna Banana said...

Your technique results in perfect intersections!
I love the contrast of that dark center and it's elaborate frame of more delicate blue and white.
Another block done for a quilt that will be spectacular!