Sunday, April 23, 2017

Shindig 2017

I should have posted these a few weeks ago, but we got busy moving out of our house and back in (the floors were refinished).

The Mountain Jam Circle quilting collaborative did it again - cut the pieces out together, then Alice and Ann pieced the chain blocks and put them together in four big chunks with the setting triangles and blocks.  I pieced the Carolina Lily and put the top together.

And then I quilted it.  Alice and Ann got it back to put the binding and label on it.  You can click on these photos to see them a little larger or I have a closer photo below.

The quilting did not take very long - I used a stencil for the baskets and Lisa Calle's Pro-line rulers for all the verticle parallel lines in the setting triangles as well as the lily block.

As always, we hope the Folk Heritage Committee sells a lot of tickets!  They still have photos of last year's quilt on their website - but as soon as it is finished, this one will replace it.


Dorry said...

Lovely quilting on this. I had been hoping to see it and I'm not disappointed. What is the finished size? The group should be happy to receive this from you three ladies.

normanack said...

An extraordinary quilt, and your quilting is spectacular.