Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another kind of blanket!

Finished at last - it's 7 feet long, 54 inches wide.

Obviously I usually make quilts, but this yarn told me it would be the prettiest, softest throw for our living room.

Knitting drapes a lot more softly than a quilt.

The cats loved it while I was making it.

I think we'll love it, too.


Alice said...

It's just beautiful, Cheryl. You do such nice work and chose a great color. I'm coming over to take a nap!

Sherrye said...

Beautiful, Cheryl. My mother makes baby blankets for charity and this pattern looks so familiar to me. Is it "fan and feather"? Love the pattern AND the color.

Cheryl Kotecki said...

I made this from a design in Vogue Knitting magazine - Spring Summer 2009. They just call it a lace pattern. Fan and feather actually makes beautiful scallops and this doesn't. I found this description of Fan and Feather: "This stitch achieves its wavy, puckered effect by grouping all the decreases together, and then following them with a series of increases." With the lace pattern in the design I used, the increases and decreases march in pairs toward the double decrease in the center of the repeat, then start over.

Diane said...

Lovely!! Ought to be wonderful to curl up with. Blocking must have been a challenge!