Monday, February 13, 2012

Fun Fur

A few years ago, I made a fun fur scarf for myself - it's quite toasty warm! When I was in Chicago two weeks ago, my brother Roger said he'd like one just like it - so Roger, it's in the mail -

A closeup of the furriness. It would be challenging to knit, if you were trying to shape a garment. But this stuff is really forgiving -- just knit garter stitch.

Photo taking was delayed because right after I set it up, someone moved in.

It's cat-tested and -approved, brother Roger. Lu sat there for at least an hour, until I tempted him off with some crunchy treats.

1 comment:

Kerry Payne said...

Oh come on don't be mean - make one for Lu! He'd like a whole cat sized blanket tho......