Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Shindig Quilt continued

I finished the quilting part of the raffle quilt for the Shindig.  Photos were delayed when I dropped the camera  - we're limping along until we can get a new lens. Surprisingly, these came out: we get good light in the afternoon on the lower slope of the driveway.

Here's one of the entire quilt -

 And of course some closeups to see the quilting!

The four stars with white backgrounds got the simpler motif set in a circle, - then there is curved cross-hatching on two scales (1/2 inch and 1/4 inch) with some feathers to fill out the surrounding white area.

The stars on a blue background got the more complicated version of the motif set in the circle.  Then I surrounded the star with  a feathered circle - maybe it's a feathered wreath, but I usually think of a wreath having the feathers on the outside of the ring - or both sides. Here the feathers are just to the inside.  The space between the star points and the feathers has a simple meander.  Outside the circle are 1/4 spaced lines. You can also see the corner and  side triangle motifs in this photo.

This next photo shows a detail of the wide blue border - half circles, feathered like the ones above, with lines spaced at 1/2 inch inside and outside.  The very outer border is scalloped and the scallops are filled with more curved cross-hatching.

I have to include one last shot to show how the designs worked together.


Vicki W said...

Spectacular quilting!

Sherrye said...

Cheryl, I love ALL the quilting on this. I'm especially fond of the "curved cross-hatching" that reminds me of my Mother's "pineapples" in cotton crocheted doilies. I will definitely be buying raffle tickets for this one!!

Nancy said...

Absolutely stunning! I would love to own that quilt.

Dorry said...

What a beautiful result from your time at the quilt machine for this one. It's difficult for me to say which portion I like the best. The wreath effect on the blue surrounding the white star is very effective and I like the center motif for that block as it complements the closely quilted blue background. Then again, I also think the alternate star block motifs are fabulous as well. Yes, I can't choose which I like the most, that's for sure!