Monday, April 9, 2012

A small glimpse

Quilting the Shindig Raffle quilt is coming along well. I was smarter than usual and am taking photos of what I have done so far. Because I enhanced my paper design plan right on the quilt, as I roll, I will forget what I've done. I usually have to roll the quilt back and forth a lot to remind myself. Photos will be much faster, and more accurate than a drawing.

For example, in this area, I wound up placing my long curves (the ones that have the feathers inside the large triangle) a visual extension of some of the curves in the motif. It does show up nicely from the distance of the photo. I think this will be pretty marching around the stars.

The quilting motif inside the 6 inch circle is a modified portion of a design from a 1930's era Better Homes and Gardens quilting pullout. Our committee of three started with an idea of a traditional quilt, though we took a turn to more contemporary with the fabric choices. Although there is also a contemporary flair to my quilting, I'm using designs based on tradition -- cross hatching, feathers, circles and straight lines. I like to repeat designs. The one shown here also appears in the blue stars in the field of the quilt. I used a more complex version of the same design in the field's white stars. I was able to re-use stencils I made of these two designs for a quilt I worked on for Dorry back in 2009 - see photos of the quilt and motif source at the end of this post.

I thought I might be working on this quilt for up to three weeks, but it's been a lot of fun and the quilt is already approaching 1/4th finished... I just started on Saturday.


Anna Banana said...

Loving it!

Sherrye said...

Another beauty! You have such a good eye for complements and balance!

Alice said...

Even better than I imagined! Can't wait to see it in person.