Monday, June 4, 2012

What I'm working on...

Joyce's placemats are quilted and are in process of being bound.  Meanwhile, I haven't shown any knitting for a few weeks.  In early May, I started on a sweater called Tapestry by Carol Sunday - the link will take you to a photo of the finished model on the designer's website.

 It's a complicated pattern that keeps changing, which makes the knitting challenging.  Progress doesn't seem as quick as with most sweaters I've made because the yarn is fine and I'm knitting the fronts and backs at the same time. It's especially interesting that the background texture created by the seed stitch and reverse stockinette changes as the cables cross and travel up the sweater.  It gives a quilter some ideas about quilting designs.

At the same time, since I knit with a group on Monday nights and want to be able to socialize, I also started this project, by Swedish designer Elsebeth Lavold.  The detail that appears at the waist (this is the back) was the one exception to the "easy knitting" aspect of this shell.  I took several days off working on Tapestry to get that part done and I'll probably have to do the same thing when I do these same knot details on the front.  The front and back on this sweater are the same except for a v-neck opening, where the center cable splits and travels up to the shoulder in the front.

I'm knitting both of these sweaters with the designers' yarns, something I have never done before.  The main trouble with knitting is it doesn't go very quickly and there are so many designs and textures and colors I want to work with.  Some people make hats and socks - but I don't wear hats and I rarely wear shoes, so I wear my socks out too quickly. Sweaters it is!

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Sherrye said...

What a handsome sweater!! Reminds me of Ireland, for some reason! Can't wait to see the finished product of both of these.