Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Joyce's quilt - Encore

When we made the borders for Joyce's quilt out of the beautiful yardage  Vicki Welsh custom hand dyed for us, we only used about half of the width of the fabric. I didn't want to put it in the drawers with all my other collected fabrics to get lost (and which color would I file it with anyway??).  I left it out and finally asked Joyce if she'd like me to make her place mats or a table runner with it.  Joyce said she could use either.

So she gets both!   This is going to be perfect in her very modern house with her black dishware.  I designed the mats to show the full gradation on each mat and get maximum use of the special fabric.

I've made her a set of coordinating napkins already - but I only had enough of that fabric to make six.  She can pick another fabric and I'll make her a full set of 8 napkins to go with these.  

Under the runner on the right you can make out a bit of the backing fabric from Joyce's quilt, which will serve to back the mats and the runner.  I've already started quilting the mats - they should not take long as the fabric tells the whole story:  the quilting just has to hold the layers together.


Sherrye said...

Nothing wasted! Very amish looking to me as a lot of their quilts have the black background with bright colors in the design blocks.

Vicki W said...

The placemats are brilliant! I'm going to have to make some of those myself!

Anna Banana said...

Lucky Joyce! These look great... Very creative!

tbnmm said...

Wow! They are looking great! I am lucky!