Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New person - New quilt

Yesterday, I cut and pieced a very small quilt (30"x40") for a very small member of the family we expect to make his first appearance in August.  He is the son of my brother's son Andrew and wife Katy.  The quilt is modeled on one I found by searching for modern baby quilts.

"Modern Quilts" fit a particular model, with simplified piecing.  They often feature large areas of white. Not naturally what I'm drawn to -  I did dress up the original with the striped bands at the top and bottom.  But they have determined that babies see contrast and pattern before they see color and can distinguish shapes.  Happily for old great-aunts, the back will look more like a traditional baby quilt - cozy and soft out of a pastel flannel with cute little toy animals on it. 

Now I have to figure out the quilting - nothing too fancy to fit with the Modern Quilt Movement, and besides, this quilt is probably going to be a backup for dragging around since his grandmother, my sister-in-law Joanna, was already knitting blankets for his room in January.


Sherrye said...

Congratulations on adding to the family!! I like the chevron pattern......very popular for baby quilts (crocheted) in the 70's. I like the way you have added interest by using different patterns to spice up the color "sameness".

Dorry said...

Wow, a quilt in a day. Well done. It is bright and cheerful and modern. Will it have batting as well as the flannel backing?