Monday, May 7, 2012

Light blueness

Everyone seems to like the color of the yarn I used for this sweater.  This photo of the back in full sun shows off the pretty qualities of the yarn, purchased from my friend Diane's Etsy shop,  Oh Yarn It All

I took photos in different light trying to capture details with a little less shadow - some were not very successful.

But I still like the look and shape of the sweater!  This next one shows the lace on the lower part.

 Finally I took this final photo back inside the house.  The pattern did not include the lace inset I have at the center front.  Most knitters would just put a camisole or t-shirt under their sweater, but I don't work in a cold office anymore (yeah!) and will want to wear it in the summer.  The way this spring has shaped up, I don't want the extra layer throughout.  So my small bit of the lace does the job for me and took almost no time to make.


Anna Banana said...

Very pretty, Cheryl! You are a woman of many talents!

Dorry said...

The lacework on this is oh so pretty Cheryl. What is the fiber content of the yarn?

Sherrye said...

Such a flattering style with beautiful lines!

Cheryl Kotecki said...

The yarn is made of 100% Mercerized Cotton.

Diane said...

Love this! That lace insert is really nice, a great detail, and practical too. Yummy!