Friday, May 11, 2012

Blue and Yellow Baby Quilt

I finished the quilting on this yesterday morning, then bound it completely by machine.  I need to trim a stray thread or two, but otherwise, it's done, ready to ship off to the expectant parents.

Sorry this photo of the entire quilt is skewed -- it's because of the angle I used to show the simple quilting.

Well, it's only really simple quilting on the zigzag part where I used spaced parallel lines. 

I broke the inside border area into squares and triangles and used channel stitching in contrasting directions.  I like how the negative space adds interest, and the quilting makes the quilt top appear fairly complicated where I was actually working with a single 5 inch piece of white fabric across the width of the quilt.  The two inner border areas are not the same, because the blue fabric zig zags asymmetrically into them.

I had an easy Greek key stencil that fit the outer border perfectly.  I wish I could say I had planned that, now that it's on there and I like it.  I don't know if this quilt qualifies as "modern" with an ancient design like that.

In this photo, we see that more traditional flannel back fabric.

Here's how it combines with the colors on the pieced side.

Alice and Ann, with whom I worked on the Shindig Raffle quilt, will think I was copying these colors from the ones they chose for that quilt, but honestly, I had this yellow flannel, and I had to figure out which colors I had in my fabric stash that would go with the print and make it a "boy" quilt.  I also wanted to include a celestial print of some kind, in honor of the baby's father, Andrew.  


Vicki W said...

It's so cute and your quilting made it very special.

Sherrye said...

Love the "NEGATIVE" effect, as you call it. I keep wanting to do a whole cloth solid (white or cream) quilt because then the quilting is the "star" since there is no color to distract the eye. The Greek key fits nicely and blends well because everything is so angular. Very manly!