Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Vintage Pinwheels

Two months ago, I posted photos of my little challenge quilt called Lida Rose.  Dorry is the genius behind these challenges and this week I got to quilt hers.  She calls it Wedding China - she'll probably offer a full explanation of her title on her blog when she finishes it.

She has to decide if she wants a piping accent before the binding, and what color(s) to use.

Dorry took her vintage pinwheels apart the way I did, but it might be difficult to find them among her perfectly matched pinks.  I quilted this lower part with a large scale swirling feather motif, reflected and repeated in triangles -- as though this part were two large blocks cut in half diagonally.

One of the vintage blocks is shown in this next photo of the top row. (it's the pinwheel to the left). 

Dorry's beautiful stuffed applique work got a basket weave treatment.

We already have our next challenge to work on.  She hasn't let on how many vintage blocks will be in the June Bride series.  We had Bridal Shower  last summer, and this was Rehearsal Dinner.  I won't reveal the next one's theme until I have more to post about it, but suffice it to say, we haven't seen the actual Wedding Ceremony - and might there be room after that for a honeymoon theme?


Sherrye said...

This is SO pretty!! Dory's piecing and stuffed applique and your quilting! I am especially drawn to the basket weave pattern.

Dorry said...

It does look lovely doesn't it. I'm not often working in pink. To give you an idea of size the quilts need to finish at 24" x 24" and once this gets the binding treatment that is what it will be.

Anna Banana said...

I love the basket weave, too. What a perfect choice!