Friday, August 12, 2011

All but the name

My June Bride Challenge is all wrapped up, except for the name.

I love the suede-like appearance of Diane's hand-dyed electric blue cotton fabric behind the vintage fabrics of the Dresden plate.

I took a few pictures at different angles, trying to get it so the quilting and fabrics show better.

Most of these photos were taken outdoors in sun - here's a closer in shot, at an angle. The corner design is inspired by an Art Nouveau graphic from a Dover book. Maybe I could have found an Art Deco design to better match the 1930's fabrics, but then, this is a New from Old Challenge, not a Historically Accurate Reproduction Challenge. Quilters didn't use much really dense quilting like this in the 1930's. (Click on any photo to enlarge for details.)

This next one shows the busy backing where the quilting will never show. The edges are faced because the curves of the wedge shaped pieces are pretty tight - I was not going to attempt a binding! If I ever do a complicated edge like this again, I'll probably make sure the curves are a lot larger. This border was a particular challenge for me, and one of the reasons for participating in a project like this.

This next picture was taken with the quilt on the floor inside the front door so the light is coming from one side. Maybe you can finally see the quilting on the original vintage pieced Dresden plate.

The name is probably going to be related to a waltz, because there are three fan blades in each group, and the silk I dyed myself shows up as four triangles per side. Dorry's name for the challenge is June Bride, and that will also appear on the label.

It's always a little sad to finish up something as fun as this was to work on. I hope I get to do another project like this some day!

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Dorry said...

Oh, don't worry, the next challenge is sitting quietly in the closet waiting to leap out at you after the finish date of this one. I love the richness of the blues in this. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue - you get to assign the meanings.