Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week 34

This week's block is one that celebrates a Confederate Spy. If that weren't bad enough, it's the Rosebud block, one of my least-liked traditional quilt blocks.

But, I embarked on this project, so, I had to make the block, and somehow, had to find a way to make it mine.

I noted that Ms. Brackman changed the usual placement of colors and values. The way this block is typically colored is something like this, with perhaps green instead of the blue I chose for this illustration, and pink or red triangles to make the "buds":

I decided to use two of my larger-scaled florals, and changed the values of the small triangles even from what Ms. Brackman recommended, to emphasize the pinwheel shape.

It's still sort of a "rosebud" in concept but much more to my liking this way, where I'm not trying to represent a beautiful flower in half-square triangles.

I used EQ to experiment with values and then used the rotary cutting directions provided there. I have a preference set in EQ to use 16ths of an inch. These directions recommended cutting the small triangles from 2 3/16th inch squares instead of 2 1/8th. I definitely needed the extra 1/16th of an inch to make this come out to size.

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Dorry said...

You chose to represent the flower by using a fabric with roses on it - well, at first glance they look like roses anyway. So that works out just fine! And you left in red points so you did not really stray too far. I am still pondering what to do and for right now I am thinking that I might just emphasize the pinwheel portion.