Friday, August 19, 2011

A small project

I had three nine-patch blocks leftover from a baby quilt I made many years ago. I also had leftover pieces of the purple gingham and pale green print I made the blocks from. Since I had more of the gingham than the green, I reversed the color scheme for most of the additional blocks to have enough for a little baby quilt. Blocks using the original color scheme are in the four corners for symmetry.

I had to piece some strips of both the green and the purple to get enough pieces big enough to complete all the blocks - the resulting squares are commonly called "poverty patches". The bright green backing is an alphabet print. This was another "leaders and enders" project - made one seam at a time when I was working on other things, so it's been hanging around on the studio design wall since late Spring.

The quilt has a lot of blue chalk on it from marking the border for even quilting, so I need to wash it, then it will wait until there's a baby who needs a quilt. I have other baby fabrics to use that have been taking up space in my fabric drawers for a few years - it's nice to have this one finished.

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