Saturday, August 27, 2011

Star of the West - Week 35

This was a nice straightforward block to fit into our 8 inch finished size. I had to enhance the lighting on this photo - it is just rather gloomy out there with the big storm right on top of North Carolina's shore. We've had no rain at all, just intermittent, mildly gusty winds.

The whirlwind look of this block seems appropriate for the day.

I'd been wanting to see if I could get this red paisley to look a little nicer in a block since it was not so successful in the Lily a few weeks ago. This is a happier group of fabrics than that was.


Dorry said...

Yes, the paisley is much happier in this block. Have you got lots of that pretty brown fabric showing here in the corners? This block is two windmills in a row (can't think of the right word for now!) and you have very good center points all meeting well. I hope I can do the same.

Sherrye said...

I'm not a fan of MAKING pinwheels, but this one sure LOOKS pretty!

Dorry said...

Oh thank you Sherrye, that is the word(pinwheel)I was looking for! I am in the midst of sewing this block and am taking a slightly different approach to it.