Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kentucky Crossroads week 36

For Kentucky Crossroads, I finally got to use a wide floral stripe fabric I'd set aside - though I cut a large floral center or two from the part between the stripes for one or two other blocks.

I think it combined nicely with the large blue floral I use only for blocks with larger pieces like this one. This may be the first time I've found a use for the scattered roses print I chose for the center.

I'm just about on my way out of town but I got this one done before departing, and should be back home before next week's block comes out. Barbara Brackman has just begun a different historical series blog, this time on the war of 1812. She's not doing a block of the week, but is highlighting quilts from the period. Fascinating textile history set into the context of the era makes good reading for those of us who cherish these heirlooms.

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Sherrye said...

Love this one........all floral, but blends well.