Monday, March 12, 2012

Lida Rose

For once I have a name for a quilt! The original block had four pinwheels and my first quilt in this series was named for a song. So I chose to think about musical themes, with Four-Part Harmony for my inspiration and landed on the barbershop quartets in The Music Man. Dorry chose the June Bride theme for these challenges, and Meredith Wilson's lyrics to Lida Rose include "I'll pop the question" and "I can hear the chapel bell chime." The link is to a You Tube version with the Buffalo Bills doing the duet of Lida Rose with Shirley Jones singing "Will I Ever Tell You."

So here she is, ready for display.

This side angle permits you to see the quilting on the dark part of the pinwheels, contrasted with my solution to the mis-matched seams on the light part. I wanted to push it to the background, but I often like to use channel stitching for contrast. I used simple stipple meander to create a border for the channel stitching I enclosed in an echoed triangle.

Now I can relax and look forward to seeing what the rest of the group did.

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Sherrye said...

Cheryl, you are a creative genius....not just with your quilting, but with the thought behind "naming"! I love every aspect of this quilt, and you would never know how "wonky" those squares were if you had not seen them in the very beginning! Kudos Ms. Kotecki!!