Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Greenest Quilt ever

This quilt is an international cooperation. It's a new quilt for Dorry's son Casey. Casey's aunt Kerry - Dorry's sister - made the top, choosing fabrics to remind Casey of his New Zealand heritage. New Zealand landscapes are known for their beautiful intense greens, and green is Casey's favorite color.

The photos were lit to show the quilting and so some of the non-green seems to be highlighted by the camera. Trust me, this quilt is Green Green Green!

We picked an all over New Zealand-based motif called Rotorua - the name evokes pleasant family memories. This close up shows the curls in the leaf shapes.

Kerry made the top, I quilted it and sent it to Dorry, who is putting the binding on. I hope Casey likes his Serene Green reminder of his other home, New Zealand.

I am not quilting for hire anymore, but Kerry thanked me for my labors on this quilt with a very special gift from New Zealand just for me! It came sealed up in plastic, but there was something about it that made Lu very interested.

and Lily likewise. The yarn contains Merino wool - something New Zealand is famous for - but also a good percentage of soft Possum fiber.

The postcard from Kerry in both photos shows the New Zealand possum. It's not related to our North American marsupial possum except by name, so this is a very special yarn in our hemisphere. Kerry sent me plenty enough to make a long sleeved sweater.


Sherrye said...

What a great trade....yarn for a quilt! Can't wait to see your "other hemisphere" sweater....how special!

ladybird said...

What a beautiful quilt Kerry has made for her nephew Casey. I adore the quilting pattern - so appropriate. Let us know what pattern you will choose for the long sleeved "jumper" (as they say in Australia) or 'jersey' other places (like NZ)!!

Judy said...

Kiwi Kerry never fails to impress and amaze us!! Your quilting is a beautiful complement to the 'field of green'. I have always liked the NZ 'fern' designs.
The wool w/possum is a treat to work with and wear. You will enjoy that special experience...it will ruin you for future projects...;-)

Kerry Payne said...

Casey's quilt looks amazing thanks to you Cheryl - that Rotorua pattern is much larger than I imagined and looks just wonderful. Thank you so much for such a great job.

I hope the possum wool makes a nice jumper for you - how funny that Lu and Lily should have been so interested in it!

We once had a pesky possum that used to run about on the roof at dusk every night until one night when it made the mistake of tossing us cheek from the Silk tree on the back lawn. John gave it a hurry-up in the bum with his slug gun and, believe it or not, next morning there it was lying dead on the lawn (possums are not usually that easy to kill) ..... and being thoroughly checked out by Purrsy. I don't know if he would have gone so far as to start eating it but I wouldn't have been surprised!

Perhaps Lu and Lily thought there was a meal to be had in that there package!