Monday, March 26, 2012

A Vogue Knitting success

I just finished this "Drape Neck Top" from last year's Vogue Knitting.

The gap in the front lower edging is intended. I thought it looked odd, but decided to knit the top as designed. It's growing on me.

Here's a closeup of the drape neck treatment the magazine named the design for, and the ribbon-lace effect that splits at the "v" and travels up to the shoulders.

I had to take a few shots to try to capture the drape of the fabric and design. The blue color is closer to those I took in the sunlight with heavy shadows.

I started this project in December, as a break after a solid month working on that large throw - after two sets of the lace on the throw, I allowed myself a few rows on this one. The back was completed by the time I finally got the throw done.

The yarn is 100% cotton - I think this will be very comfortable and cool to wear when the weather warms up.

With our early spring, those hot days of summer seem like they are very near.


tbnmm said...

Love it!

Sherrye said...

Beautiful, unique, and stylish!

Diane said...

This looks great! Love that lace detail in the front.