Thursday, March 22, 2012

Joyce has a new quilt!

Joyce's quilt is completed except for a label - I told Joyce if the quilt is going to get a name, she gets to pick it.

I shipped the quilt to her on Tuesday and she got it today. On Monday, I put an old sheet on the slope of the driveway where it had no tree shadows to get a better picture of the colors than I could get in the studio - the quilt is too large to hang from my quilt display rack.

And of course there have to be a few pictures to show the quilting. I had the most fun with the curved rays in the accent triangles, and the triangles on the border made from the custom dyed fabric, by Vicki Welsh.

My goal was to keep the quilting graphic, fairly open, and to enjoy it, which I did.

Finally, I'll include one last view of the quilt in Joyce and Don's house - with Noni, since you always have to have a cat in quilt photos.

What's your next quilting project going to be Joyce?


Sherrye said...

I didn't realize it was a KING.....grand scale!! Love the colors, the hand dyed fabric and the quilting, of course!! Beautiful!

Dorry said...

It's always a great finale to see the quilt on the bed. I do like the quilting pattern you used on the border.All together wonderful. I hope Joyce and Don enjoy it.

Vicki W said...

It's awesome! Thank you for including my fabric.