Saturday, February 9, 2013

Week 24 - True Blue

This block, True Blue, goes in the Grandmother's Choice because of the pejorative term "blue-stocking," once used to describe an educated woman.  I didn't have to look hard to find the fabric to build my block around.

The little paisley in the four-patches is a print I purchased for Dana's Green and Gold Quilt that I just had to have, even though it has a bit of blue. The True Blue block is my excuse for including it in the quilt.

Many of the other quilters following along with this block of the week have placed the four patches so the dark and light squares all line up, where I have rotated two of them. I was hoping the arrangement would enhance the movement of all the paisleys and ferns. The central flower is from a print I've been saving for this kind of block. It pushed the choice of leaf prints for the other fabrics (after the paisley).


Dorry said...

Oh, this looks so good spinning off from your central motif! What a lovely carnation.
There certainly are a variety of ways to color this block. Amazingly, block base sets three of the four patches in one way and switches only one. Then there is also the option to turn two of the corner half square triangle blocks in the other direction.

Alice said...

One your best! I like your setting and will probably use that too.

pinkdeenster said...

This is great - I like how you placed your blocks. I tried to look at mine, but I'm just too tired. I'll take a nap and see what I come up with. I will try your layout, but not sure it will work with my fabrics. It makes for a very interesting and pretty block. Nice!