Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What the mail carrier brings me

I was utterly delighted with Vicki Welsh's fabrics I ordered for Dana's Grandmother's Choice quilt -this photo is really too dark to show how beautiful these are.

Vicki has a good friend who shares Dana's Alma Mater who helped her select the right base shades of green and gold, then she sent me samples of some of the grandients for my approval.  When she  packaged them and invoiced me, she called the two sets William (greens) and Mary (golds).  

Oh I can't resist - I liked my fan but this photo shows the colors a little better:

I can't really start setting the blocks until they are all made, but I can do some of the preliminary piecing of these beautiful hand dyes to get a head start.

And then, in a gesture of pure generosity, Dustin, who organizes the Flickr group where quilters around the globe who are making the Grandmother's Choice blocks share photos, tips, and encouragement every week, sent me this lovely lemon print fabric that may just have to find a place in Dana's quilt:

That's a big enough piece of that fabric to plan a whole quilt around it - but did you notice the little note he included?   He cut his yellow-orange page in a lemon-shape-- and there's a little kitty cat sticker at the top!


Sherrye said...

What a welcome package!! Beautiful variety of greens and golds and all the shade gradients a hair away from the next one. You could piece some wonderful shading with this fabric. Pretty lemon fabric too, and what a special touch making the note a lemon!

Vicki W said...

That lemon fabric is so cute and certainly deserves a featured spot in the GC quilt. I'm so glad you are happy with the setting fabrics!

pinkdeenster said...

Very nice. Your quilt is so interesting!

Anna Banana said...

Beautiful fabrics!

Dorry said...

You'll surely have a lot of fun with these fabrics.