Thursday, May 9, 2013

Civil War Block of the Month - May 1863 - Aunt Eliza's Star

I used a ticking stripe for the points of this star and a very dark blue print. The combination reminds me of a night sky.

I place the little plaid appliqued star off-center so some of the floral print on the red fabric I used would be visible.

On April 10th, the 82nd Indiana moved with the entire Third Army to Triune, Tennessee, midway between Nashville and Murfreesboro.  In the regimental history, Alf. G. Hunter writes they were kept very vigilant, and heavy picketing was necessary. Scouting parties went out to see what the nearby rebels were doing and foraging parties went out "as long as there was anything to get within a reasonable distance." The troops were kept ready from 3 a.m. to daylight in case of an attack, and they drilled daily.  The men were promised furloughs, privates as well as officers.

With the 52nd at Fort Pillow on May 24th, 1863, Shep wrote a letter with more political commentary to his brother Henry and and sister Jane. Shep then reports they "just received quite flattering news from Vicksburg. Have not heard the particulars, probably in a day or two it will be contradicted. Hope not though, for it is time that our Army was doing something. I suppose you know the soldiers are getting furloughs now. Our Capt. is giving them for fifteen days time. The order says not to excede thirty days so our Capt. thought the first ones that went had not ought to have so long a time granted them as those that waited until the last, so you see if I wait a while I will get to stay the longer when I do go. I may not get a furlough at all so you need not look for me. If we do not get paid before I would want to go I would have to stay for those that go have to pay their own way, that is, government price."


Sherrye said...

plaids, ticking, red, white and just can't go wrong with these classic colors, fabrics and designs.

Dorry said...

This looks very original and fresh. Nice one.