Saturday, May 11, 2013

Week 37 - Nameless Star

I've always known this classic 8-pointed star as Sawtooth Star so the Nameless Star name was new to me.

I chose to highlight yet another flower from the green and gold print I have used in three other blocks, and combined it with the unusual Jason Yenter swirling Wintergraphix print to give this static block a little movement.

The history lesson about the Lucy Stoners was not one I was familiar with - but should be, since I chose to keep my name when I got married.  When I majored in languages and didn't wind up staying in my hometown, I thought it would be good for me professionally to have an identity that stayed with me my whole life. I never thought about this being something I might not legally have been permitted to do, had I belonged to my grandmothers' generation.


Sherrye said...

I really like the "wintergraphix" print. Looks viney, delicate and open compared to the solid "sturdy" look of the flower. If it finally comes to pass that all people keep their original names, there will be no need for that little blank that says "maiden". So much has changed since then!!

Anna Banana said...

I remember we did sawtooth stars in our Shindig quilt last year. Nice memory! And I also love that swirly wintergraphix print. What a great fabric choice! It makes my eyes dance.