Saturday, June 29, 2013

Week 44 - Star of Hope

This is a classic block - I did mine in not-so-classic fabrics. I always have a difficult time with the areas where the triangles meet at the corners of the center square. I paper pieced this for accuracy. I'm happy with the yellow stripe with black dots.  Unfortunately, I didn't foresee how little of the white flowers would be left after the seam allowance was removed.

I really wanted to use that dramatic dark green background fabric again, and it just combines so well with that stripe I used in the parasol block months ago, I had to do it again.

This coming week marks Jeff and Joanna's 35th anniversary - July 1st, 1978. Since wedding ceremonies were among the few times we saw both our grandmothers at the same time, I have several Jeff sent me to use for this post:

Faye, Jeff and Mary

Mary had just turned 77 at this time - her snowy white hair got that way naturally. Faye was 86 and didn't dye hers either.

Dad and Mom are sitting on Faye's left. Joanna's parents are opposite the Grandmothers

What a special moment - Dana's father Carl with two grandmothers on his arms

 Two years later, on July 5th, Roger and Donna were married.  Mom made Faye's dress for this occasion and reworked the fitting on Donna's vintage gown, so this is an important photo.


Dorry said...

The photos are lovely for your story...but your block is an "oh wow!" one this week. That background fabric is wonderful. Well done!
I guess by looking at the photos of your well dressed Grandmothers we can all see why you know how to use your fabrics to good advantage.

Vicki W said...

I love the effect of the background fabric. It's like streaks of lightening coming off the star.