Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week 43 Gentleman's Fancy

The subject that goes with this week's block is an extremely unpleasant one, so I'll skip it and go to my block and family photos.

This is one of those blocks that seems deceptively simple.  It's not. But if you concentrate on my nice sharp points, it doesn't look bad.

This week is the 76th anniversary of my Aunt Alice's wedding to Edward Yarnal.  I posted a few pictures of Aunt Alice as a baby and young child back in December, but l thought it would be fun to see her as an adult.

Alice and Ed met in High School and graduated in 1931 - Alice would have been only 16 at that time - Ed was two years older. But the country was in the Great Depression, so Alice went on to more school at the teacher's college in DeKalb. 
Engagement Photo
 They finally got married on June 26th, 1937 in Elburn.

The newspaper announcement describes their church wedding with Alice wearing a street length dress of white lace with a white hat and an arm bouquet of white carnations and sweet peas.  The attendants were Alice's Maid of Honor, her sister May, in a blue dress with white hat, and Best Man Clyde, Ed's brother.  Alice's brother "Buddy" sang "At Dawning" and "Because." The reception was at Faye and Fielding's home. 

On the back of this next photo, in my mother's handwriting I read "Honeymoon" but I think this photo was taken on their wedding day.

For their honeymoon, Ed and Alice went to Yellowstone. 

On their Honeymoon trip to Yellowstone
Here they are, 25 years later.
25 Years

And finally, two years before Ed died in November, 1983.


A local newspaper reporter wrote an article about Alice in 1999.  In the interview, Alice described Ed as a calm man. The reporter wrote more of Alice's story of her marriage to Ed, "When something was over, it was over. [Alice] remembers seeing him angry only about five times in their 46-year marriage, and it was always at inanimate objects. This came in handy, like the time Alice was discing a field and distracted by a bread wrapper on the ground, ran right into the brand new fence."

Both of them had great senses of humor.

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Dorry said...

That greek key looking fabric was a great find to pair with the lovely rose at the heart of your block. As always the family story is interesting. An "arm bouquet"? Gee, that's a new one to me. And look , the groom and perhaps the best man were wearing white shoes - I wonder was that usual for the times?