Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week 46 - Barrister's Block

This week's block is an interesting one I've never considered making before, Barrister's Block, with the discussion about whether women had any ability to be lawyers.

It's a complicated looking block, just like all the legal mumbo jumbo they read at the end of ads... I started with the circles print and built the block from those colors, looking for contrast with the white and tan print background.

In our family, we have one lawyer, Roger.  Faye, holding this new born baby 60 years ago (he was born in early July 1953) probably never guessed that he would be such a brilliant guy who could have done anything, or that he would choose the law so he could serve his electorate's interests in DuPage county where he was born and raised.

Future engineer Jeff, Faye, and Baby Lawyer Roger
In any case, she certainly took care of us on occasion while we were growing up, helping our parents ensure we would be productive citizens when we entered our adult lives.  Baby Roger grew up to toil tirelessly with his mind and body to preserve green spaces and to create park and recreational facilities as the suburban sprawl paved over the former farmlands of the area. 


Dorry said...

This looks great. And a lovely family photo to go with the block for this week.

Anna Banana said...

Again, you have turned one block into four blocks to create a more complex and interesting addition to the quilt. Looks great!