Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week 48 - Fair Play

This week's block celebrates Canada, for granting women the right to vote in recognition of their service contributions to Canada's effort during the first World War.

My block in yellow and green does not relate to Canada, but I will use the reference to honor my Grandfather Fielding, who, in late July 1910, left with fourteen other young men to go to Iowa to work the wheat harvest. Fielding kept moving and working through the fall. By early August, he was in Minnesota where he got a job that paid $2.50 (Aunt Alice guessed that was per day).  All but one other young man had returned to Illinois and back home to Indiana.  Fielding worked "only" 10 hours a day stacking grain for his pay. Later that month, he worked in South Dakota, and then got a job in North Dakota in Guelph.  He stayed there from the first of September until the end of November. Guelph was named for a town in Ontario.

Aunt Alice recorded as much as we know of Grandpa's trip west using the cards and letters he sent to family. He went on to Montana and Washington, then down to San Francisco and Los Angeles by boat and rail.

I assume this photograph of Fielding was taken when he was departing from home in 1910, just 20 years old.

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Dorry said...

Young Fielding had quite the adventure in 1910. I guess he eventually circled back home after all those green fields and golden wheat.