Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fun lace knit

I just finished this sweater and modeled it with my new (first ever) Little Black Dress.

The yarn is a hand-dyed blend of silk and Blue-Faced Leicester.  Both fibers are known for their lustrous qualities.

The design is by Fiona Ellis and was published in Vogue Knitting magazine a couple of years ago. It looks pretty straightforward across the back with the lace sleeves.

And in this full on shot you may not notice the unique design feature.

So here is a closeup of the lace patterning in the front. The sweater is seamed and the lace strips meet up with the lace on the back, but it's knitted with short rows in the stockinette sections to give these interesting diagonal lines on the front. 

It was a fun knit. I'm going to enjoy wearing it!


Sherrye said...

It's beautiful, like everything you knit!! Pretty teal color.

Alice said...

The sweater is spectacular, Cheryl. Love the new glasses, too.

Anna Banana said...

Beautiful pattern and color... And it looks great with the black dress!!!

Cindy tedesco said...

Cheryl , it is beautiful and it looks great on you with the LBD.


Dorry said...

Oh, very pretty and such a youthful looking model too! My goodness, that must have taken a lot of concentration to knit. I hope you enjoy wearing it.

Diane said...

Beautiful! What an interesting use of short-rows. The color is perfect, looks great with your LBD. Lovely!