Thursday, October 10, 2013


Soon after Joyce's daughter Tanya announced her engagement, I started working on ideas for a quilt for her wedding, now less than two weeks away. Since Tanya's generation doesn't really read blogs - especially not blogs written by aunts, I think I can post photos of the quilt, almost ready for giving.

I put it on a clean sheet on the driveway to take the photos - the leaves kept blowing around and getting on the quilt, so I had to make my photo session quick.

The blocks are a traditional one called "Interlocked Squares" that I thought was appropriate for a wedding.  I did them in two colors and alternated their placement in crossing lines. It should remind you of the quilt I worked on with Alice and Ann to support the Shindig on the Green this past summer.

I kept the quilting pretty simple overall, in keeping with the Modern Quilting look I wanted for the quilt: lots of negative space and geometric themes keeps it in the basic idea of a Modern Quilt - though the Interlocked Squares block with its Y-seams is not one they would normally gravitate to. The quilted motif in the middle of the blocks also interlocks.  The fabrics in the center of the blocks are both music-theme prints.
I wanted all the negative space to feature some special quilting. I used a silhouette photo of Tanya when she was a dancer that Joyce sent me a few years ago.  My best friend from high school Ginger Gebka is a graphics artist - she turned it into a simple line drawing for me to quilt.

 The backing is a green and white floral - I like it when I can see the quilting on the back and it shows nicely in this photo I took after going back in the house, away from the leaves.


The label text is printed over the photo I used for the quilted silhouettes, turned green and artistically mellowed. I photographed the label laying on the front of the quilt - I'll sew it on the back during TV time this evening. 

Tanya's quilt will be ready to wrap by tomorrow!


Joyce said...

Just Beautiful! Love the quilted tilts!!!

Sherrye said...

the quilting is amazing as always! Love the dancers, and the overall quilting pattern echos the squares. Love it!!

Alice said...

Love it. And so different!

Anna Banana said...

I love the dancers... and the whole design does have a modern look with lots of traditional elements. I bet they will love it!
I'm wondering what size it is?

Vicki W said...

It's a beautiful quilt!

Dorry said...

I do hope the bride and groom enjoy this very special gift. And I have the same wonder as Anna (about the size). Well done Aunt Cheryl!

Diane said...

Absolutely gorgeous! What a special gift. The dancers are wonderful.