Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WWI Block of the Month - Block Two - Love Entangled

.... or is it "The War at Home" - the newspaper article about the block gave the latter name, while the pattern instructions call it Love Entangled.

I looked it up in the authoritative Brackman catalog of pieced blocks - she has it as Love Entangled from a source that would have provided that name in either the 1960's or 1970's.

I really love Vicki's hand-dyed shibori that I used for the larger pieces in the pieced block.  The pattern called for a large red square and blue triangles. My pieces all came from the same fat eighth I got as part of a group of multi-colored fat shibori fabrics I bought from her a while back. The little corner squares are also from Vicki, while the twelve little red triangles are from a hand-dyed fabric purchased at a quilt show years ago.

It is rather interesting to take so much time making all those little pointy triangles only to place appliqued leaves so that some of the points get covered up. I did make the stem and leaves a little more distant from the block so as to minimize that effect this time.  It took longer than usual to put this block together because I got my all the leaves, stems, circles, and stars prepared for the remaining blocks.  Let's see, twelve blocks, 34 leaves per block....  I don't really want to know how many leaves that is.


Vicki W said...

Very pretty block!

Anna Banana said...

Those hand dyes are very pretty and add some interest to an already interesting block.

Dorry said...

This showcases those shibori fabrics in a fine way. Did you make all your leaves out of the same fabric? Phew, I could not have done that in one effort!

Cheryl Kotecki said...

The leaves are made out of five different shades of the green gradient pieces Vicki hand-dyed for Dana's Grandmother's Choice. The leaves are not all cut out yet - just have fusible on the back and the freezer paper templates on the front. I made up the right number of 8.5x11 inch sheets with 50 some odd leaves per sheet. I have been cutting leaves in the evenings instead of knitting for the last three nights and have less than one sheet to finish.

pinkdeenster said...

I am enjoying watching your progress on this project. Really nice application for the hand-dyed pieces. I may have to get some shibori fabric to play with, too!