Sunday, May 25, 2014

Austen Family Album week 8 Eliza's Star

I should have not bothered with the miters on that square frame in the center - with this fabric, my job would have been simple with straight pieces.

I like the combination of Vicki's hand dyed fabric with my own.  Mine is the very light one - accomplished by diluting the dye bath after my first tests came out too dark. Not anywhere near as scientific as what Vicki does - and really, I'd rather just buy her beautiful pieces anyway.  I did these experiments at Judi's house a few months ago.  It was a worthwhile experience as I discovered I just don't like hand dying.


ancquilter said...

I really like the gradation of blues in this one. Very pleasing to my eye!

Dorry said...

Pretty center - the miters do highlight the other seams in a low key way.

Diane said...

I like dyeing when I don't care what the outcome is, but if I have something definite in mind,if I'm trying for a specific shade, it's a lot easier to go with a pro!