Friday, May 9, 2014

Delectable Mountains - quilted

I finished my part of the Delectable Mountains quilt on Sunday and handed it over to Ann and Alice for binding yesterday morning.  I snapped a couple of photos before I trimmed the backing off the next day.  I've taken lots of photos in the afternoon light that have not been this dramatic. I expect this happened with the automatic white balance - since the quilt is about half white, the camera let the dark parts be darker than they really were.

 This photo has the more natural looking shadow.
The admittedly elaborate quilting I did won't really show for the raffle ticket buyers, but the person who wins will get to see it. We'll get photos of the full quilt for the Folk Heritage Committee to use in their publicity after it is bound.


Vicki W said...

Beautiful and I think it's given me an idea for my niece's quilt. Thank you!

ancquilter said...

Beautiful! For some reason, I've always been drawn to "two" color quilts. White is a favorite base. Traditional patterns are so appealing too! Your quilting is exquisite, as always!!

Anna Banana said...

I feel so proud to be part of this collaborative project! The quilting is "over the top," Cheryl. But you are right, the winner will have a treasure to enjoy.