Sunday, October 26, 2014

Threads of Memory - October - Britain's Star

This months block was a new variation on the Storm at Sea -

It was a fun and easy block - far fewer pieces than last months.

I have no letters from Eli or Billy from October, 1864. The 82nd Indiana with Sherman's army was sent with others in pursuit of Hood and the rebels who had recently vacated Atlanta.  The job of chasing down Hood's army as they moved to Alabama was left to General Thomas and other corps, while the 14th, of which the 82nd was part, began to prepare for the March to the Sea.

Eli was with the 52nd in Missouri in the chase after the Confederates under Sterling Price. I have not found more detail of the regiment's specific actvities in Missouri, but the history of the raid includes many significant battles beginning on September 27th and continuing through October.  Price's raid has been deemed a failure, and modern historians believe it probably contributed to the reelection of Abraham Lincoln.

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Dorry said...

Oh my, those two different red rose fabrics look very effective in your block. Do they come from the same fabric line I wonder? Oh, I have just noticed that three of the five fabrics are stripes but they are subtle enough to not overpower. Nice one.I'm also a tad mystified by your comment about this block being a variation on Storm at Sea because I am just not seeing that.