Thursday, October 23, 2014

WWI - October - Dove in the Window

This month's block came with the story of the death of the great-grandfather whose service inspired the quilt. The block is called Dove in the Window.

This was a technically challenging block with the oblique angles -- and that is after our pattern designers simplified the piecing lines from the version that came with my computer software. 

Vicki Welsh sent me some of her remnant shibori-dyed fabric with my custom order for the borders of this quilt.  Two of the blue pieces wound up in this block. I cut my four corner triangles out of a more solid area on the edge of the darker one and really like the effect - but the intersecting diagonal lines on the center pieces are gorgeous.


Vicki W said...

I knew you would be able to use those fabrics!

Anna Banana said...

A very interesting block.

Dorry said...

Your block looks lovely Cheryl. Yes, those center pieces do look very unique. I am going to work on mine on Retreat this weekend - based on your comments I better do it in the morning time when I am fresh and not after sewing all day.