Saturday, January 10, 2015

A most comfortable sweater

I finished knitting this sweater back in the middle of November but realized recently I never posted photos of it here.  It is Fylingdales, by Lisa Lloyd from her book, A Fine Fleece.

It's a long oversized sweater made with an Aran weight yarn. I usually knit a medium size for myself, but this one was so big I made the smallest size and it fits very loosely and feels comfortable. I bought this discontinued yarn from a fellow Ravelry user who was moving and sold it to me at a very nice price.  I was going to make my Silver Belle sweater with it, but couldn't get the right gauge.

This sweater was easy to knit (those are the simplest of cables) and went very quickly once I devoted  time to it.  The ribbing at the bottom really pulled in and the welting below the cable and seed stitch part was very wobbly and ugly until I blocked the completed sweater.

 I wear it over lighter sweaters inside the house all the time, and it sometimes goes outside with me too.
Looking at my photos you're probably wondering what color is that anyway?  Well, I think the photo below captures it.  The manufacturer called it "light blue" but it's really a pale grayed blue-purple.

I only used about half of the yarn I bought. The rest of the yarn would make another very nice sweater!


Dorry said...

The sweater looks lovely, whatever the color (at first I thought you had made it twice!) Too nice to be "just a house sweater" though so I hope it gets out and about.

Diane said...

Looks cozy and warm!