Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hexathon blocks

Paraphrasing one of those letters I recently transcribed, I'm just not as good at keeping up with the blog "as I used to was"  Here are the last three of these hexagon blocks.  This one used a couple of fabrics Joyce gave me for Christmas over a year ago and a little scrap of a yellow printed batik.

This one used three of the small scraps from friends -

And the last one was more of the fabrics from Joyce

None of these were too awfully hard to piece - the second and third had no "y" seams and the first had only one.  Our leader keeps warning us there are some challenges ahead.

Hmm, I seem to have reoriented some of the blocks when I photographed them. No matter - none are directional.


Anna Banana said...

Looking good, Cheryl. I'm a bit behind because of travel... but I'll catch up!

Dorry said...

Hope you have enough scraps from friends to get you through to week 26!Looking good to date.