Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hexathon Blocks 12 and 13 -

Unlike some of the group, I'm not using the names of the blocks or the descriptions of William Morris to guide my fabric choices, I'm just trying to get the blocks made with this mix of very colorful fabrics, and to include either the solid yellow or a fabric with yellow.  Here are the two latest blocks.

This first block was pretty intimidating, so I used foundation paper piecing - and did not get the last couple of intersections lined up as I should have.  I might or might not try to fix that.  The fabrics are busy and these pieces are tiny.

The second block for this week was far simpler to construct.  The only challenge was to choose a pair of fabrics I liked together - deciding not to use the solid yellow this time.


Dorry said...

Oh bravo! You got block 12 finished. You chose a better method than my choice to try EPP. The block looks fine and I don't think you need to redo any of the seams.Looking good for a halfway point int he project.

Anna Banana said...

Yes, #12 is a challenge. I'm thinking I might just do the easier option. I've gotten a little behind due to travel, but I'll catch up! Your blocks look great!