Friday, August 26, 2016

A long time finishing

My friend Sherrye told me that several years ago, her husband's step-mother had left an unfinished quilt that Sherrye wanted to see finished so it might do someone some good.  Sherrye is a hand quilter, but this type of quilt doesn't really benefit from hand quilting, and if it's going to be a donation, machine quilting will withstand any kind of abuse a non-quilter might put it through in the washing machine.  The quilt was a "Stack n Whack", completely pieced and pinned to a batting and backing, but not quilted.  I had her come over this week to use my longarm machine to get the quilting done.

Sherrye went from being intimidated by the sheer size of the machine to having these butterflies completely quilted in about three hours - I say "about" because we stopped for lunch and didn't time our break.  We did unpin the layers before starting, and Sherrye got a few minutes to practice on some muslin while I got the backing ready to load on the machine.

The quilting was as simple as it gets, with a large overall meander pattern, but that made it easy to avoid the thick intersections where the fabric pieces come together in the hexagon shapes. 

 Sherrye thinks she'd like the quilt to go to the local Hospice group.


ancquilter said...

What a blessing to have a friend willing to teach and share her machine. Thank you for taking time away from your other projects to help me. You saved me any months of work! Lunch was an unexpected treat! Yes, , the machine was intimidating at first, but you made it easy. You're a patient teacher, and taught this old dog a new trick or two.

Anna Banana said...

A finished project is always something to celebrate! Someone will love that quilt!